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Missing Piece Again

August 22, 2009
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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My heart is screaming,
my hands are grasping,
For what was never there,
For what will never come,
I reach out beyond the distance
between my hands and what I need,
Its there, so close, beyond my reach,
My heart can reach further,
My heart reaches out, and wraps around it,
I have never held on so tightly to anything,
My hearts grasp is emotional,
no physical way to keep it there,
So it slips, and slides, and pressed away,
My heart reaches further,
Until I have it again.
its RIGHT there, I have it,
But Its not mine, i do not have it,
In my grasp, in my reach,
But unattached to me altogether,
As it should be.
you should be free to live and roam,
i should be to.
No human deserves to be held back.
So I let go, and feel whole again.
but watch you walk away,
and you turn back to look at me,
your heart reaches out,
and takes a piece of mine
Leaving me with a missing piece... again

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