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Theif (Checkmark)

August 22, 2009
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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What is the value,
of one single day?
It's one more checkmark,
Just one more way,
That I can make it,
To the end of this wait,
this winding road,
Thats all that I hate,
The waiting the crying,
the hoping the dying,
All I have left
Is the hope to keep trying,
With one less day,
Comes one less time,
i have to hide it,
The rules to the rhyme.
The truth has evaded me,
Preventing me to finally see,
the reason for this pain.
Why there seems no gain.
That one more check mark
Is the beating of my heart,
The way that I know,
How much longer this hurt will go,
I need to cross out,
The days I have left
Where I can recover,
What's stolen in theft,
The one thing I lost,
The ultimate cost,
My vital priority
Was taken from me...
theres a gaping hole without it,
It screams and it wriths
Needing to be filled,
Wishing to be killed.
Without it I am incomplete,
I was complete before,
Until I met you...
Now Im left to implore,
I count down the days
Until I get it back,
The checkmark will lead me,
to the one thing i lack,
hurting, and bruising,
Gaining but loosing,
Needing and pleading,
You took my heart... and left me bleeding.

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