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August 22, 2009
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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"I am Happy to The Point of Fear" -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

...It's so much worse then wanting.

With Wanting,
You have no hope,
You sit there knowing the truth
With nothing to look forward to...no way to cope

But Waiting...
Its so unfair,
You want just to die,
But wont, because there is hope, it keeps you there

The falsehood that keeps me going...
It burns deep in my heart,
The pain that occurs,
Is all that keeps me going...all that tears me apart

Going on and on,
Without fail, I make it through.
Just so I can be there,
after walking through the days...I have to

With wanting,
you just go numb, without falling apart
You stop having to wish on stars,
No more prayers to open your heart,

With waiting,
You know its coming, Like the tide
So you wish on every star in the whole damn sky
You pray so hard that your heart tears open inside...

Waiting for what seems will never come,
With knowledge that it will.
With hope that keeps you from healing and moving on,
Hope that gives you strength to walk through another day, through the tears that spill.

I almost wish I had no hope..
So that I could be numb to the pain...
but I cant let go of the hope,
I need to keep going... to make waiting worth the rain...

The hope is no bigger then a star in the sky...
But the closer you get... the brighter it becomes... the louder i cry

Im walking towards it...
Every day is one less day to withstand.
I am waiting... Wanting... Hoping...
And will for however long it takes...
Because I have one hope... thats all I need to keep me waiting

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