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How Do They See Me?

August 22, 2009
By Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
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It’s all behind me – that human stuff
So what, you got conned – now are you gonna quit?
Well I said it before
And I’ll say it again –
My past is behind me and I’m going ahead …
I’m moving on into life, into the night …
I see the starry skies differently than I did before …
I walk when I need to, not when impulses force me,
And my brain sends the signals only when I command it …
I still see some dreamers, some fakers, some phonies
But I dare not to interfere with the world that they live in …
The world I once to live in …
That vertiginous world of fear and hatred,
Oh how I regret that I ever entered through its gates!
But could I have changed it,
Or was it meant to be?
For am I not the person that the world formed itself?
But now I’m glad that I can see,
The glory and the pride within …
I boast in my modesty how great I can be one day,
But I still have a ways to go,
And school has yet to begin …
The people have changed and so have I too …
How will they react to me?
How will she react?
I hope for the best of luck,
Oh predetermined luck …

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Ballad Baby said...
on Jan. 7 2010 at 2:16 am
It's ultimately about how you see yourself...Hold strong. Never succomb.