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Hearts and Love

August 22, 2009
By ShawnaChabot SILVER, Vancouver, Other
ShawnaChabot SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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His eyes glimmer in the morning sunlight
His teeth gleam, with a smile that makes me melt.
I sit and watch from a far,
And then the thought immerges from the back of my brain:
I love more than words can describe,
More than a person can show,
He is everything to me,
And he doesn’t know I exist.
And there is nothing that I can do to tell him what I feel.
There is nothing that I can do to let him know I am the one for him.

I sit there,
Watching from a far,
Contemplating life,
As if it my last day.
I sit there
Waiting for him to realize that I am here,

I long for him to look at me like I am the only one he see’s
I ache for the gentle whisper of his voice in my ear.
I cannot bear to see him with anyone else,
But I die inside when I find that he is lonely.
I am stuck in the middle of a terrible mess.

One part of my brain still longs to be next to him,
Sleeping silently,
Dreaming of all the days we have to spend together.
The rest of our lives.

The other part knows that there is no point in wishing,
There is no point in waiting for a day that will never come.
My heart drops every time I think about what could be,
If only I made myself present.

Wondering if he is out there,
Wanting what I want,
Needing what I need,
Seeing what I see.
Knowing that he is in the same position I am in,
Makes it everything that much better.

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