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You Must Be Beautiful...

August 22, 2009
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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My ears are ringing,
Im sorry, I cannot hear you,
the sound of his voice
has me going deaf... aside form his sound
I hear only the words he said and will not say again
you try to comfort me,
I know by the way you are,
The way you always have been
But I pay no attention to you,
the ringing in my ear is just to much...

My eyes they burn,
Im sorry, I cannot see you,
the memory of his face
blinds my eyes,
For I never wanted to see anything else
Only that face,
But now it is impossible?
You tryu to comfort me,
I know by who you are,
and always have been for me,
But I pay no attention to you,
The burning of my eyes is to much...

My fingers are so cold...
Im sorry, I cannot feel you...
where his hand used to be...
It is empty now...
He will never again hold my hand,
Nor hold me.
You try to comfort me,
I know because of what you are...
And have always been
But I pay no attention to you...
The icey truth... is just to much.

My heart is broken...
Im sorry... I cannot give it to you...
He left it in pieces...
And I have to fix it now..
It will take time to learn to love again
Until then, I have to heal...
You try to comfort me...
I know because you are you.
You are my best friend,
My comfort, when I am in pain
My ears, when I cannot hear
My eyes, when I cannot see
My hands, when I cannot feel...
And what is this?
You gave me your heart...
To replace my broken one...?
You must be beautiful...

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