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Another Time, Another World

August 23, 2009
By Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
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Pondering into the ticking darkness,
The seconds count away into oblivion …
I realize that I am here, not there -
Nor elsewhere …
Rather, I am on this solid chunk of rounded sphere,
With oceans blue and alpine air,
The animals roaming and beautiful hair,
The girls are here and I am here …
The separation seems to paint a vivid picture for me:
It defines who I am …
And so I wonder with a confused gaze,
Where would I be if I didn’t possess
The life within my beating chest?
Would there be such a thing as a soul?
Or would I wait an eternal time that seems a dream’s moment –
To harvest my own mind, and organize my protruding thoughts?
Would I be here or would I be there –
Amidst the majestic gasses and elements?
So far away from my sentimental home …
The attachments are fiercely planted within,
And if I left without a goodbye …
And if I could not make a tear drop flow –
So elegantly down my cheek,
As a newly formed waterfall trickles down a slope –
Then I would be a man of woe,
And my mind would grasp the closest match …
This home is where I belong so dearly,
The revolving world as I know it,
And if it were gone in an easy snap …
Oh how I would long for the habitual beauty –
The human beauty, the perceptions so great,
For … a chill is sent down my nerves
And back it sends a message here,
To my old brain up in between my watery eyes …
It reads “This is your place,
Your time
Your home
Your people and your world …
Without it you are nothing”
Without it I am nothing
Without it We are nothing
Without it there is nothing at all but blank dice rolled into the night
And a blind man reading the probability of our lively outcomes to burst into existence somewhere else -
Some place else …
In another time, another world …

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on Jan. 4 2010 at 11:03 pm
You incite debate and question our very purpose.