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The Exam's Revelation

August 23, 2009
By Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
Clark GOLD, Orinda, California
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I took a test this afternoon
That measured my so called intellect …
It gave me questions and answers so …
I’d work it out and make my choice …
At first it seemed a reasonable time,
A four hour exam which would enhance my mind …
But soon after I received the results,
My mind was swarmed with a renewed disgust -
How could they do this?
Try so hard – and
Pass this test to make it far?
How are they so blind?
This devastating number, this myriad
That tries and tries to soothe the chides …
But what should I say,
To those in shoes
Less fortunate than my own?
You’re no exception?
You’ve got no excuse?
Well you’ve got something to work towards … and I don’t?
I see how hard it can be for you,
But my moral is weakened too …
Sometimes I’d wish I’d quit it all,
And break down this inferior wall -
Yet days go by and I’m unchanged …
Just an observer living his life away …
I see what you want dad -
I see what you need,
But how the hell do you expect me to lead,
This depriving race of immoral wrongs
That merely degrades our great ideas …
That places us in between a set of digits,
A number line,
And a college name …
That goes against our inherent traits
And forces our minds to go to “great” lengths …
But time and time again I’ll say
Maybe tomorrow won’t be like today …
But never will I stand up to you …
To the grievous myriad of boorish fools!
Never will I be the hypocrite
Of moral restraint,
And humorous regression!
Rather, I will wait till time is right,
Till dark is light and day is night …
Where innocence reigns over you …
You wretched beings of evil ways,
And so I wait and talk to God
And all those with me within my place …

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on Jan. 4 2010 at 10:59 pm
fervent. i admire your gripping honesty.