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My Love

August 18, 2009
By molly silver GOLD, Los Angeles, California
molly silver GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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My love, the thing to make my heart glow
I smile when you’re near
Just knowing that you are here
I would die for you
As you would die for me
My love for you so true its hard to see
I would die any day
As I care for you in any way
I love you there by my side
Even taking my heart for a joyride
You have been there forever
Forever ever
Till death do we not part
Because our love is something from my heart
Don’t even get me started
How without you, my heart feels parted
Never leave me I need you there
For you, my love, I truly care
I need you to be next to me
I hope you get this, I hope you see
I hope that you also do love me
With you, I have true emotion
And this is just how I express my everlasting devotion
I have many ways to show love
You make my heart float, just like a dove
It floats all above in the sky
Yet no one questions why
Because with love, there are no questions to be spoken
With love, its never to be broken
I feel that you’re the one for me
With this, I hope you see
I hope you recognize
And I hope that im the only one in your eyes
Till death we shall not part
Our love shall carry on just like it did start
My love for you, something from my heart

The author's comments:
It's that little thing called love that can inspire anyone to do anything.

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