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Left There

August 18, 2009
By molly silver GOLD, Los Angeles, California
molly silver GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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Left to be a stray
Waiting for the day
The day for all bad to be good
The day to be more understood

Left out in this terrible place
No one for you to look in the face
Feeling like such a disgrace

You feel how you shouldn’t
These feelings are something you wouldn’t
You don’t know what there is left to do
You feel alone, and you feel blue

Everyone has deserted you
They left, no longer your crew
What is left is nothing to do

You can no longer think of where to go
Not knowing what path to take
You have strong feelings, even feeling fake

You cant hardly take a breath of air
You no longer really care
When you’re left
When you’re left there

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