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A beating heart for a silenced one

July 6, 2009
By VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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sensing that this battle has just begun
i draw my sword
i'm ready as i'll ever be to just get rid of you
to just finish this war and have it be over
No more you
NO more us

Just like two countries we were once allies
We depended on each other
We fought for each other
But just like any other country you turned into a traitor
and gave up our bond for something easier
Turning your people against mine

We stand face to face now in the middle of a war you started
And one i'm going to end
Your face is of one i don't recognize anymore
And your armor built of flimsy metal
I can easily just kill you
But i want to see you suffer
I drove the sword Straight through your heart
And watched as the smug smile slowly fade from your face
Feeling the pain that you've once carelessly cast upon me

The war we once fought is now ceased
I shatter your heart in pieces to avenge my own
Which no longer beats
You slump to your knees
And i can't help but smile
At first you were the one that shunned and pushed me aside
But in our last moments together
Your begging to be part of this life
My life
You don't realize that this battle is over and i've won
Our predicament is one of a prophecy
An eye for an eye
A heart for a heart
The end to our end
A beating heart for a silenced one

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