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The Break Up

August 26, 2009
By flutterbys566 BRONZE, Medina, Ohio
flutterbys566 BRONZE, Medina, Ohio
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The Break-Up

I think I’ll just go now
The door is that way
Let me grab your coat
I can do it myself
You always were selfish
I’d prefer if you left
You never were my type
Its not you, Its me
I can’t trust you
You make me become a different person
I need someone who will make me a better version of myself
You aren’t equipped to handle me
You drive like you want me to die, not slowly either, but very painfully
You cut your hair, I don’t date cancer victims
My name isn’t Chandra, Karen, or Celia, so why are they in your phone book?
I think we should break up
We need some time apart
You never seemed into me anyway
That’s not all you should be bringing to this relationship
You wouldn’t say no if you really cared about me
You’re unattractive, I thought it was cute at first, but now its just depressing
I can do better.

The author's comments:
Some more teen angst for net surfers and teens galore.

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