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Elementary Paradise

August 26, 2009
By Matt Groy GOLD, Park City, Utah
Matt Groy GOLD, Park City, Utah
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The joys were there,

The friendship and care was there,

The laughter and frolicking was there,

Recess held another thing though,

Something that cannot be tied up in a bow.

The smells of seasons filled the air,

Teachers let out students with care,

The rejoicing of recess had begun,

Kids looked up and saw the titan sun

The savoring taste of summer became

nearer with each day.

They got outside and began to play.

Students jumped off the swings with ease,

Jumped on the monkey bars like they were trees,

Felt the slide as they slid,

As the beautiful background stood amid,

After a long while of taking advantage of the opportunity,

The teachers called them in...




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