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September 8, 2009
By Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
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7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year we are all people here, we live, we love, we act suite. until that one day comes, death is the begining of life. Cody 6:17

Such a heavy crown worn for much of a century
A world finally brought to peace, for my name and my history
As it happens to be now, the war hath ridden me to my grave
An old man it has made of me to forever be it's slave

The cold of shackles is now wearing from my back
Hopefully soon not even a faint rememberance will be of that
My minds lost the thought that had once haunted my dreams
No more hearing of the deads loud precarious screams

I loose them as I've lost much everything in my life
Not suggesting I wish back my changing sacrifice
But If devilry be the actions of fate not to fair
I'm not surprised my life is so I'm the only one there

Alone but want cry as though not able to indure
The ending that is near so much pain is instored
I close my eyes from this world only to open from a hex
To a new kingdom where a individual I am like the rest

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