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August 28, 2009
By Alurayne GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
Alurayne GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"A Revolutionary ends when he becomes an oppressor or a heretic."
-Albert Camus

Flash of CNN, 5 o'clock news
Got a game to catch, football, ESPN
End up sitting, kick back, not much to lose
DVR it, free your conscience, catch it again
"Today, Southern Africa, ten thousand die,"
Repeats, heard it last week, missing the game
"Their weather today: Never cloudy, with blood in the sky,"
Know it, how unfortunate, always the same
"Relief comes so slowly, answer their pleas,"
They're droning, old sob story, falling asleep
"Some slipping below ground, far past their knees,"
It's tragic, so morbid, I'll pity, and I'll weep
"It's been documented, now just in, a new epidemic,"
Intent now, I hear you, so tell me, what's wrong?
"A shortage of medicine, food, now they're sick,"
Not my fault, I work, they haven't gone long
"A dollar a day will lessen their strife,"
From my pocket…Maybe. But what's my reward?
"Like this child here, she's dying, please save her life,"
Sorry, no can do, paid the main at the door
"Call the number below, just one call, just one day,"
No pencil, no paper, and doubt I can remember
"Answer our offer so they cease to pray,"
Maybe later, next week. What's ready for dinner?
"Make checks payable to 'Plight of the Starving',"
So boring, that title, won't stick to the mind
"Our viewers, time's over, but just one more thing-"
Hit menu. Recordings? Time to rewind
"Football time! Football fans! Welcome to the sport!"
That's it, time to eat, and just watch the game

You don't even finish the "earned" meal that you made
Ten thousand empty beings, and you throw it away.

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