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Going On Two

September 16, 2009
By jeezkay GOLD, Orlando, Florida
jeezkay GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
If it's meant to be, it'll happen.

Such a craving, but a hard one to fill.
There isn’t such a thrill, there isn’t such a bliss as this.
Nobody else can offer much; so it’s not hard to miss,
What I’m in need of. Though, I’m afraid to ask,
What’s one to do? I get it, but
Nobody can handle such a task; wear a mask.
Fool me, but you can’t.
It only makes sense that you don’t understand.
I’ll wait for the sweet cliches,
The last “I love you”’s;
But maybe:
Maybe not.
It’s a classic tale of “he loves me; he loves me not.”

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This article has 2 comments.

Sourhead11th said...
on Sep. 22 2009 at 8:13 pm
OMGSH, Frenchie11 Your so right. This is so inspiring, I am going to go write something right now!! Jeezkay, I love your work, its so cute and original....:)

frenchie11 said...
on Sep. 22 2009 at 8:06 pm
This is one of the greatest ones that I have read in a long time.