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September 17, 2009
By Rae-chan SILVER, Tampa, Florida
Rae-chan SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Sometimes it feels
Like the world has left us behind
In a cold barren place
With only bed-sheet ghosts and old frail hosts
To be right by our side

Ashen faces and bleach white dresses
With blue satin sashes tied round their waists
Haunt the nights, ebony black
Haunt our dreams, empty and dark

Blank pages once filled with words
Become nothing but the past we adored
They fly away carried on the breeze
Disappearing beyond our star struck gaze

People we loved
People we cherished
They all faded so very long ago
Leaving us rather unaided

Biased thoughts swirl through their minds
Labeling us as outcasts
Difference made us loners among those wretched souls
That were all once alive
But now are dead in our eyes

Once we were told
When we once cared
When our hearts still pounded in our chests
That being animated and having merit
Would be our one best treasure

But the Devil never cares
How alive or dead at heart you are
With the world polluted and our minds distorted
Even he dost dare
To cast away the Odd

The author's comments:
Hmm... this one has its ups and downs... i love the first three stanza's, the middle not so much, and the end is so-so =/

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