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Empty (Ghazal)

October 9, 2009
By karmastew GOLD, Buena Vista, Colorado
karmastew GOLD, Buena Vista, Colorado
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I look into your eyes and I fall into the emptiness,
I am lost in my thoughts and am consumed by my own emptiness.

I look towards the river and my words are lost in the beauty,
I am nothing, insignificant, I am lost in emptiness.

Time is endless; my being is trivial in comparison.
Why is it when I pass unnoticed, I feel only emptiness?

Eternity is a long, lonely road; would you walk by my side?
I need you to be with me to keep back the tide of emptiness.

Would you stay with me and care for me so I am not all alone?
Darkness closes in; I need someone to scare off the emptiness.

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