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October 15, 2009
By kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
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Is it blood and lust that keeps you here tonight? Is it my warming smile and my inviting eyes that you want to take that bite? Can you really here my heart pounding and my blood rushing. Could that be why i'm blushing?
Why do you crave me like a dying thirst? Your last gulp will be my last burst. I have all these memories of me and you. Why has the beast come out of you. Were you created or naturally born? Did you do this just so i could be torn? You came here tonight with one objection. That's because i was your obsession. You think about me night and day, But it will never truely go your way. Tonight is my last night, because your fixing to take your first bite. As you come down and meet my eyes. I look into them with no suprise. You are what you are, and I am what I am. We are just the lion and the lamb.

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