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October 25, 2009
By hollybell13 BRONZE, Brunswick, Georgia
hollybell13 BRONZE, Brunswick, Georgia
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He was looking out the window,
when he saw the face he feared.
A woman, A dead woman.
Her face was old and withered.
She was a widowed bride, one
two...three...turned at one moment
into a fearful sight.
She was a midnight Bantchee.
One unknown to most.
One he knew most.
She snuck in like a sloth.
Quiet and Slow.
In Retrieval of her quest.
She grabbed his hand.
A hand of one young man, turned to him.
With that she went inside his head,
Inside his chest.
He was fearful, fearful of her fear.
She feared the world above,
He feared the world inbetween.
He knew who couldn't win, so
he commited an ultimate sin.
He took a knife to his throat, with one quick swish of the hand.
He took his life.
With this he was free, but what he didn't know, She died with him.

A long lost love, is what they found.
In this afterlife he found salvation.
The one who wanted his life, gave him love.
She spoke solemn words, sweet to the touch.

But in one woosh, his dream of an angel was gone.
He woke to fire and flames.
For where he went was all other than hell itself.
He was stuck.
Stuck in the world of immortality.

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