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All You Need To Know

October 27, 2009
By BrokenSorrows SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
BrokenSorrows SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
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All You Need To Know

Nightmares make me remember and I start to cry
They will never leave me alone I shouldn't even try

It will haunt me for the rest of my life
Cause his ending caused me freedom with a dull knife

I fall asleep and see him in my head
I wish I could wake up I wish he weren't dead

But facts are facts and I was just seven
The day my brother did not go to heaven

He took his own life and wished it away
I wish he was here by my side I wish it everyday

He ended his life right in front of me I saw his body fall
When I heard the thud of his body hitting the floor I started to ball

I loved my brother with all my heart
And when the gun off it tour it all apart

Five long years later and it wont let me be
This nightmare I cant wake up from this nightmare wont let me free

I wake back up to reality in tears and sweat
My pillow dripping its sopping wet

Fall back asleep his name echoing in my ears
His lifeless body in my arms as I cry bloody tears

When I the blood trickled down his cheek and his heart no longer had a beat
My body went numb from my nose to my feet

My body started shaking my head started to spin
At that moment I knew I couldn't win

My brothers gone and I CANT have I'm BACK
I'm braking down my minds under attack

I hear him SCREAM my name from the depths of hell
Like in a dark dream I'm under his spell

Under his spell in a trance like dream
I see the warm blood flow in a stream

Fog takes over and I'm becoming very scared
Cause i know it was HE who never really cared

Someone grabs my hand and I know its my brother
I cant breath tears are running down I'm smothered

I feel no more pain I feel no more sorrow
But i know it will all be back when hes gone by tomorrow

He tells me no that I'm finally free
He says he can lift my sorrows so I can finally be

I'm happy cause now I get to say good bye
He says don't cry I'm way up high in the sky

Cause iv sacrificed myself for the greater good
You were to young you wouldn't have understood

I needed to tell you so you wouldn't have to cry your self to sleep
Not even a sniffle not even a weep

I love you so much i wish i didn't have to die
Cause then maybe i wouldn't have to see you cry

One last thing before I go
I love you with all my heart and that's all you need to know

                                                                     +Broken Sorrows+

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on Mar. 7 2010 at 5:12 pm
Midnight18 SILVER, Waddell, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"One cant live without the other" already know I love your poems...You are an amazing artist and writer! Keep it up! Love you