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November 11, 2009
By gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
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He didn't break my heart
when you left
A sweet escape of love
but remaining a broken memory

Your soul was the best
and worst thing for me
She loved you passionately
keeping a pseudo-sunny disposition
decreasing burden in your world
Your voice is all I doubly hear
and your name is etched on my soul
The mist blows darkness my way
pressingly missing the hell out of you
Yanked out of my life in
short discreet misty swirls of confusion

Remember her
like a soft sweet memory
She remembers you
like a long lost love
Words run through my head
thinking about you
I write my heart out for you
with overflowing love
with painless ache
with mere disclosure
with a linger emotion

Sorrow is easy to feel
very hard to forget
Love matters within these walls
walls of promiscuity
walls of terror in heartbreak
love can also tear us apart
sad but true like a endless
account of immaturity

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