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November 11, 2009
By gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Your burning lips
touch my heart
and your love drunk breath
sways me into helplessness
This planet they call earth
no one wants to be alone
Loneliness merely is humanity
in itself a shallow blue presence

Your eyes linger me into your midst
and your love questions the uncertainty
but still I want to get to know you
Inevitably you draw me near
Irresistibly you capture my awe
Unconsciously you play my heart
like cards to be shuffled

Your face reflects your beauty
and your very existence
Wrongful of me to wonder
if we would could ever be
Countless purity in your soul
infinity and beyond
Hoping your love goes on
so I can treasure your very heart

I Promise to keep your soul safe
away from uncertainty of love
away from confusion of trust
away from questions of hope
I want to love you
love your every heartbeat
Closure needs survival of tender hearts
hearts that merely touch beyond your thoughts

Reality of the torn and mended hearts
still wanting to beat after heartbeat shadows
the darkness covers your entire light
the light covers your entire darkness

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