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November 11, 2009
By gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Your soul is empty filled with
clueless thoughts and razor sharp drama
The rain falls only to your heart
and the wind blows away all your love
It is tragic how one can lose a soul
realizing how death became life

Trauma never seems to end
seems the heart always missed a beat
emotions spread like free wings of a bird
but is held still like a cold winter glass
waiting, just waiting for it to shatter

Souls search for the perfect mate
but still the hourglass ticks
Cold winter storm yearns for your touch
since the warm summer breeze threatens your heart
how will you ever know the possession you've tried to keep
there are endless souls wanting to feel,
wanting to breathe,
wanting to live,
wanting to love
but wait.. it freezes just like ice
foes and fears melt the berg but still
the plot thickens just to provoke

it is a war between life and endless emotions
rushing through to get to your senses
Empty filled lies meaning nothing
only truth matters in such drastic measures
like a fake clone of oneself
projecting towards bare and naked skin
life is an endless limit towards perfection
searching for the right perfection in ourselves
not knowing we are already perfected within individuality
shadows gather forming clouds
forecasting a beautiful lie
a lie of perfectionism

man only wants to live
rather not how to live

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