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November 12, 2009
By gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
gotholla SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Unexpected motions of agony
twirl inside me with a touch of dependency
The misused journey
twas known as life
incomplete without a logical being
Questions need to be answered
the shallow meek love which frowns upon
with a smear cover of paranoia

Regrets of once knowing
Hopes of timeless encounter
Man is alone in this world
when shattered and lost
Misery is sweet denial
towards the cost of another
Untamable lust for the last pill
weakens beyond plain sight

I once adored you
sweet cradle of dust
my thirst runs dry
kidnapping its pride
Storm calls for silence
as the rain waves sanity
Indecisive shiny pedals
of unbearable foes
crawl underneath the mask
mask of all illusions
creating memoirs of dreams

Attacked filled emergency
of unwanted shadow paths
leading to thorns
of winter shut corpses
The Thorns go wild
before pixies flutter
but as the drip increases
imaginary wounds succeed
in mending black spots
of bitter crowded clones

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