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So last summer love..

November 12, 2009
By xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
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you have nothing tho fear but fear itself

if only you knew not being with you is such torture.
my heart breaks knowing i cant have you and someone else can...
if only, if only, if only you knew...
if only death struck me the way your love did
so sudden and strong...
then i'd be happy to know that im gone

But not all wishes are great
and meant to come true...
some are but wasted
mine weren't wasted on you...

i wished for love
someone divine
someone to give me their heart
and to give mine

I got it all
but it did not stay...
the one who took my heart
simply ran away...

I do not blame him...
i love him to his core...
but will he return?
I dont know anymore..

so til he returns
i say these lines...
and hope he returns
and forever is mine

"I wish i may
I wish I might
upon each star
for every night
hes not with me
and im alone

i wish for forgiveness
for rid of the past
for the one who loves me
to return at last

but not all wishes come true
so i pray
i pray for you

If our love was ever true
then you'd know exactly what to do
to return to me
to never leave
and hold me close
your my drug
i want an overdose

for im addicted
you stole my heart
please return it
come back
or let me fall apart...

so i wish i may
i wish i might
on each star
but only for...

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