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Overwhelming Obsession

January 5, 2010
By Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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The love of anything can ruin your life, destroying everything in its path if it grew too much. The strength of your obsession will over power everything you have or believe. You will find that it will ruin your life completely. Slicing your hopes and dreams with the proverbial dagger of night. Your once true dreams are now only false. Corruption entered your hopes and left them in a rigamortis state. The decrypted hopes and false dreams lead you into deep depression. Thoughts going to and fro, asking "What will I do?" Bringing the knife so close, so close to touching the skin. Slice, slice, slice, the skin not only ripped apart, but what's left of your hopes get shredded with. AS the blood falls, drip, drip, drip, so do the remainder of your dreams. Complete emptiness, just a hollow shell, as the wind blows it makes this majestic tone. The majestic tone drowned by the screeches and hollers of your soul. The soul shouts in pain from the complete emptiness. Hollow is the soul who is devoured by obsession. Bringing out the noose and placing it on a hook. You stand in the chair waiting, just waiting. As you start to try, something tugs on you, making you think and saved your life. Tears running down your face. Wondering why you tried, but to end up remembering and go into a deeper depression. Deciding not to end your life, but to live by pain. The sea of scars flow upon your arms. Each scare reminding you of a sad moment in your life. The decrypted evil soul does no longer shout in pain, but in happiness that these scars bring back horrific memories. The scars re-open and the blood flowith from them. As the blood runs down so does the life in your soul. The soul screams in pleasure as it slowly depletes, but as the final drops com the scar closes. Your soul cries in anger as the scar closes, because it wanted to die. As the soul gets teased from the scar opening and closing it screams and pounds for its own death. Not only yourself, but also your inner being wants death. The rigamortis evil soul is now just a died withered flower in an empty field. It waves and snaps off by the light winds. It flows in the air and flies into the deep abyss and burns into ashes. The ashes now flowing eternally into the air and spreading over all the nations. This evil spreading all over the world affecting the lives of all it touches. They walk into the room and see the mass dangling from the ceiling, the puddle of tears mixed with the blood from open scars. The lifeless mass hand there silent with a chair knocked over near it. Forever forgotten with no one to care. Eternally wondering the earth sending deceit to all who are affected. Hollow is the soul who is devoured by obsession.

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on May. 21 2010 at 8:19 am
Joob-Stache GOLD, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
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Don't be afraid to take a chance, to take a fall, in the end it could be worth it all<3

Wow. I luvd that. It was amazing!!