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A desired World

January 6, 2010
By Lexi24 SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
Lexi24 SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
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Moonlight glittered through the ice encrusted window. Broken white rays loomed throughout the empty room. Flakes of white fluffy snow glided down from the condensed gray cascade of heavy clouds above. A thin layer of snow dusted the evergreen trees. Green, the only source of color in this image. Time ticked by. The once fluffy flakes became a blur as they flew past the window. Against the dark sky the individual snowflakes stood out. Each different, each with their own spiraling intricate design. Snow became deeper upon the cold ice ground. Frost on the window crept in farther. Its icy tentacles grabbing for the center.
The moon cast its large white rays upon the shimmering snow. It seemed as through every crystal of snow was a diamond that glints under light, or as if glitter was thrown across the landscape. I dreamed of the world underneath this sparkling blanket. Lush green grass, blooming radiant flowers, and a flaming warm sun. That one desired world would be covered up for months to come. The dark streets were eerie with a hollow silence only lit by the glowing luminescent moon. Also the silence broken by the protesting wind that howled through the dormant houses. Dead trees stood around the houses. Each swaying back and forth as if dancing with the wind. Each sway tossing waves of snow that glided up into the black hole of the starry night.

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