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The Thing

January 18, 2010
By Dan Justin Simpelo GOLD, New City, New York
Dan Justin Simpelo GOLD, New City, New York
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As I was wandering through the woods one night
A beast strangled me, so fiercely and tight.
I struggled with all my might to fight
That gruesome creature, hidden from sight.
Through the dark air as black as coal,
It whispered to my ear, “Mine is your soul.”
He slammed me to the ground, and it made the earth shake.
My body rebounded, so wrecked and ached.
Its calloused hands gripped my head,
But the thing let go, without leaving me dead.
Its sinister laughter boomed throughout the woods,
As I ran for my life, as fast as I could.

When I reached the town, all my fears passed,
As I yelled out intensely, “Company at last!”
The townspeople were startled by my cry of relief
And they stared at me with disbelief.
I told them about the horrible thing,
That it carried more suffering than anything could bring.
As I spoke, all attention was upon me
As far out as my eyes could see.

Then the horrific thing appeared on the horizon,
And the people looked at it with eyes of aversion.
They thought that if they stay together,
The strength of the thing would not matter.
So they cunningly developed a clever plan
That will make the world safer for man.
They decided that they will use me as bait
To capture the thing before it is too late.

The following night, fully prepared and armed,
We went out to the woods with weapons and charms.
I went on first, and then the rest,
everyone with the most powerful rifles they possessed.

Then, at long last, there it was.
I was confronting the thing, and it looked so robust!
I shined my torch upon its face,
a hideous figure, with an expression of grimace.
its bloodshot eye was fixed on me
And its teeth were sharper than the stinger of a bee.
Its scaly limbs are so flexed in anger
That they could pulverize rock into vapor.

All of a sudden, the thing burst into black smoke
That caused the people to cry and choke.
We stood there vigilantly, wondering where it was.
It vanished in a blink of an eye, with no reasonable cause.

We all went home, in the places where we reside
Where we are all safe from the dangers of outside.
I turned the lights off and went to sleep,
When all of the sudden, I heard an “eep!”
It came from my neighbor’s house, and it sounded like
A cry from someone stabbed by a spike.
I held my breath to listen for more
When I heard someone knocking on my front door…

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on Jan. 5 2011 at 9:44 pm
Elizabeth-Martin PLATINUM, Georgetown, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
When life gives me a reason to cry, I'll show life that I have 1000 reasons to smile.

wow! I was captivated by the title and then at the first line I couldn't stop reading. This had a wonderful flow and the ending gave me the chills. It was a great write!