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The Miser

January 13, 2010
By Dan Justin Simpelo GOLD, New City, New York
Dan Justin Simpelo GOLD, New City, New York
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The miser is someone who earns money
but never spends it at all.
He only piles it up everyday
until the piles of money grow tall.
Everyday he counts bars and bills
and locks them in a shelf.
But all this plethora of wealth
is not spent even on himself.

Everyday the miser is seen
strolling with a bag of money.
He took up a shovel and dug through the gravel
right under the tall oak tree.
He looked around with vigilance
before unlocking the wooden box.
He placed his treasure inside
and hid it as slyly as would a fox.

But one night came, oh, a wretched night came
when two thieves discovered his wealth.
The two men, at night, dug through the earth
with utmost silence and stealth.
They took every green bill and every gold nugget
and ran with all the money
They left the miser with absolutely nothing;
no, not even a penny.

The poor miser, oh how he cried!
All his wealth was gone.
He had hoped to be happy, healthy, and wealthy
but among these he had gained none.
He endured hunger, toil, and pain
all for the love of money.
But he would have enjoyed some things in life
had he not been too canny.

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