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My Bridget

February 12, 2010
By Lexi24 SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
Lexi24 SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Horses leave hoofprints on our hearts

My eyes are filled with tears,
My face covered by sorrow,
I can imagine you here now,
Your feet delicate and light,
Your pink tounge tasting the fresh air.

You were the one who comforted me when i was down.

Remember when i wasn't invited to that party,
I cried for hours because of the tinest thing,
You still layed there,
Ignoring my broken sobs,
Ignoring my face which was buried deep in your gold fur,
Your head resting delicately on my back.

You were the one who made my troubles disappear.

Remember the time I thought i wouldnt pass the test,
I stressed but somehow you made it disappear,
You sat on my bed while i studied for hours,
That dreadful seventh grade mid-term,
All that time wasted,
Time i could have been spending with you.

You were the one who listened to me.

Remember the time when no one would listen to me,
They thought i was making up things,
Things just to get attention.
But you listened,
You stared at me for hours while i rambled on,
Only to find when they would listen everything was a big deal.

You were the one who protected me.

Remember when we were walking,
The warm fresh summer morning,
The day when the red car came.
It stopped next to us,
Immediatly you growled and barked,
You jumped and snapped,
You dragged me away from the stopping car,
We ran all the way home,
Only to find that person would have taken me,
Somehow you knew.

You were my best friend and a gardian angel put in one.

Now those happy memories become a blur as i see you lifeless in the ground,
Only covered by the blanket i hand-made you when you became sick,
The one with your name on it.
Now when i come here to see you beautiful flowers will cover your grave,
Ones that will remind me of how perfect you were.

The author's comments:
I lost my dog this year along with my grandfather. She was perfect and i loved her so much. I wrote something in rememberance.

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