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Ever Feel Like?

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Ever Feel Like?

Ever feel like life is vomit in your mouth,
Like nothing you do seems to matter?

Ever feel like God is so close,
But so far away you'll never reach Him?

Ever feel like a challenge you face,
Will kill you before you ever succeed?

Ever feel like no matter how much you love,
You'll never be loved by the one your soul belongs to?

Ever feel like everything is perfectly okay,
And yet your tears just refuse to subside?

Ever feel like "happy" and "love" and "I promise",
Are just words thrown out to appease you in your sorrow?

Ever feel like everybody's waiting for you to fail,
And the work required is harder than the work it's worth?

Ever feel like no-one can understand you,
Or why you cry yourself to sleep each night while singing your own lullaby?

Ever feel like you'd be better off living in the streets,
Than living in your own so-called "home"?

Ever feel like you've just got to fix everything,
Before the sun rises on a new day with the next load of pain?

Ever feel like you have less certain-support,
Than an astronaut in a zero-gravity space shuttle?

Ever feel like you'll die before you lose those pounds,
That make you feel so very worthless inside?

Ever feel like it's all hopeless and your efforts are in vain,
But you ask God for His help and suddenly HOPE has new meaning?

This will certify that the above work is completely original: Summer Franks

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