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May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

You and I were good friends
We talked about everything
Because of me, you got a job
Because of me, you’re in the show
We were good friends
But our friends are not friends
You are one years younger than I
So our friends do not mingle
I introduced you to my friends
And the next day,
You try to act like their best friend
On the first day you met them,
You asked for their phone numbers
Then the second day,
You asked them for a ride home
Why are you so desperate?
You’re so desperate to be friends with my friends
I got annoyed at you
And I talked about you
I only did it to relieve my stress and tension
I decided to forgive you
It’s not a big deal if you’re friends with my friends
But don’t over do it
As I set my mind to forgive
You did it again
I got a text with you giving me an attitude
I, confused, wondered why you’re acting like this
And now, I can’t take it anymore
I’m going to talk to you
You’ll get mad
But I have to
After I talk to you, I’ll forgive you
Then it’ll be your turn to forgive me

This will certify that the above work is completely original. Sarah Lee

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