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As we move on in life

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

As we move on in life
We as people change
People we thought we knew better than anyone else
People can't become other people
So why does it seem like their personality changes, like the person they were is no longer there
Why do we act different
Is it because we are so used to them being there we become oblivious and take them for granted?
Is it like a flower?
You water it
You take care of it
You like it so much that you never want to be without it, but then you become complacent with the flower
You take it for granted that the flower will always be there in that patch of Earth next to you, that you forget to water it, forget to watch it grow
And it stops growing
It's once beautiful colors grow dull, and it starts to lean
But by now you've started seeing other flowers around you, and how pretty they are too
So you become oblivious to the wilting flower beside you
Then once you realize that the flower is dying, it's too late
You try to take care of it again, try to revive it
But its too late
It dies and it's gone forever
So you grieve
You mourn
But then another flower comes along
One that you've see around for a long time
The memory of the old one dying is so strong that you become obsessed with the new flower and you never want to let it go
You are so afraid of doing something wrong again that you almost take care of it too much
So much that the flower doesn't feel like they can live normally anymore
That makes you feel bad, but you just never want to let go
It gets to the point nothing else matters just that flower
That is all you have on your mind
It feels so good
So right
That you never want to leave
But everything that begins ends
No matter how bad you don't want it too

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