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goodbye my friend

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

goodbye my friend

I remember the tears streaking your face,
As you pressed the blade to your skin.
As you wished you`d never been born.
How the red blood flowed freely.
You were so ashamed of what you`d done.

I told you it would be ok, You wished to die anyway.
Sadly I watched you fade away.
But you did not care anymore.

As each day passed, You drew further away.
You finnaly got so tired of life,
You took your own away.

Your last day still haunts me.
As I passed you in the hall,
And slowly you said goodbye.
I never said a word at all,
Didn`t try ta stop you.
Maybe if i`d said something,
You`d still be here today.
But you are gone.

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