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I Yearn For the Dawn

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I am lost in a tangle
of feelings inside.
No one can see,
it’s so easy to hide.

Wrapped in a smile
I face my new day.
No one can see
that I’m hurting this way.

The feelings inside of me
tear me apart.
Sometimes I will cry
but stop once I start.

I’m trying to find something
far, far away;
but what I am searching for
I could not say.

The light just gets dimmer
The drowning goes on.
I’m lost in confusion.
It plays like a song

I lay on my bed
curled up in a ball.
I cry that first tear
and stair at the wall.

I ask myself questions
like “how can this be?
Is there a good reason
for these feelings in me?”

My life, like a globe,
has been shaken so much.
Things taken away,
all the things that I clutch.

Where should I go?
Where should I hide?
How can I escape
all this terror inside?

Why can’t they see?
Why are they so blind?
Or is this just something
that comes from my mind?

I take one more step
I keep going on
and look for the light
and yearn for the dawn.

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