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Tears of Angels

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

As I lie here in my trench,
Wanting to end war-the horrid wench.
I hear gunshots all around me,
Wondering if I’ll ever be free.
I think about my little girl,
Laughing while she does a spin and twirl.
Will I ever see her again,
Or die today with these brave men?
Numerous comrades I’ve seen shot to death,
I’ve watched them take their last breath.
I know now we’re nearing the end,
As I pick up the fallen body by body-friend by friend.
How much longer will I have to last,
Until this war is past?
When will it be my moment,
To escape this confinement?
We’re low on food and have no water,
Days go by and still it gets colder instead of hotter.
Many are sick and others dying,
We stand strong to restrain from crying.
I turn to the commander and hear him say,
“Men lets get back what’s ours today.”
We slap hands and grab our guns,
Hop over the trench and everyone runs.
Charging like rhinos at full force,
We’re feeling joy and no longer remorse.
Surprised by our small attack,
They decide to get us back.
They grab their guns while hopping over too,
With their blonde hair and eyes deep blue.
We’re now closing up the space,
So we can fight them face to face.
I’m in front and see one ahead,
The hatred in his eyes tells me he wants me dead.
We raise our guns and scream aloud,
“We’re Americans and we’re proud!”
They dart at us like we’re prey,
They’re the predators ready to slay.
Guns are drawn and quickly aimed,
For the battle that will be famed.
We all shoot and so do the rest,
I’m quickly hit in my chest.
I fall to the ground watching the blood flow,
I have stopped but others still go.
Everything’s fuzzy-I can’t see straight,
This is my destined fate.
Tears of angels fall from the sky,
As I suffer, bleed, and die.

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