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Live for Today

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Live For Today And Never Tomorrow

Remember Tomorrow And Not Today

Wake Up Being Happy You Lived Another Day

Be Mad. . . Act Glad

Be Strong . . . Live Long

You'll Never Forget What You Had Till It's All Gone

You'll Never Want It Until Someone Else Has It

Love Your Own And Nothing Less, Always More!

Love What You Have NOT What You Had!

So There's No I Use To Be His Girl It's Either You Are Or Your Not.

There's No ''I Waited To Long'' You Just Move To Slow To Oppertunities!

There's ''No I Could Of Been With Him,But He Ain't Know'' You Lost Obviously He Ain't Want You!

Know What You Got Before It's All Gone Because There's No Turning Back!

You Only Have Chances Yet Many Changes! No Time Stopping!

Time keeps on going even when you want it to stop.

There's No''There Hoe's InThe Way, He Gotta Know How To Handle Those Hoe's!''

Push Them To the Side And Make The Spotlight All On You!

Remember What You got Before It's Forgotten!

Once More..........

Live For Today And Always More!

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