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The Child

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

As I peered through the refined mirror
I finally saw life as it truly was.
Millions of people of crazed people
filled with empty expressing,
and two eyes leading to pits of an empty soul.

The more I gazed, the less I recognize who was staring back at me.
I jumped back in shock, my reflection came as a suprise,
The seventeen year old I once was had vanished &
a small cold, lonely, confused child took its place.
As he stared at me, my world ripped to shreds
from the realazation of reality.

I became paralyzed by fear
I had become a product of the world, another image of conformity
As my child like reflection faded.

I screamed and importuned for him to stay as he walked away into the distance.
My body has begun to dematerialize and transfer into the mirror.
As the process completed, the child turned and smiled.

His smile was warm causing my face to melt into a puddle below my feet,
I became a faceless soul without purpose (and no longer had reason to live.)

But wait!
He stretched out his hand and my face began to contort,
Another transformation had begun.
My body shattered, and a million infinitesimal shards scattered like dust into the air but rebuilt into something magnificent.
I had become new again, my individuality returned.
I was ecstatic as one could be.
I quickly turned to thank the child,
But he had one last thing to say.
He pointed to his palm, so I looked at mine, only to see the tattoo of a heart.
His gaze shifted to the flip-side of the mirror,
I saw an empty world filled with apathetic apparitions.
His message rang like a bell to me, and from then on, I knew what I must do.

So I took off from that place and sought others once like me
determined to change a dying one person at a time.

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