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Questioning, pt. II

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I know you didn't lie, but everything feels so wrong
The way it all happened
I wrote what was simply inside my soul
Begging to be let out
I'll do this again, as it changes with passing time
I never meant these things to bring you pain
But you have to see
I still have so many questioins
They go on, tearing me apart, unanswered
Tell me how to make it better
The happiness you said I deserve
I don't want it gone, but I don't know how to make it stay
Don't leave me stranded here
I just want a different ending
I'll hope again, this time for no more tears
I want to trust again, but I may be too broken
Somehow, I know I will, time is the cure
I can't ask you to stay, when you're not even here
All I can ask is the questions that eat me alive
You have all the answers, this time around
They pave the road that leads me out of here
Here, in this place of Questioning

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