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When the Rain Stops

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

She runs barefoot through the earth’s raindrops

Hiding her tears from all the problems she has

She runs through the rain so people won’t see her crying. . .

You ask why she runs barefoot?
& the answer is she wants the pain so she can let everything out

Raindrops drop smoothly on her healing her pain

Running to wherever the road leads her

All she wants to do is get away from her problems

Not knowing where she’s heading to . .
As long as she’s far far away from everything & everyone

Now her feet are to the point of bleeding
But she doesn’t care. . .

She’s close to the end of the road

& the rain has stopped
Cause she’s done with crying
She’s letting all her problems go
& she’s starting a new life. . .

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