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A Rush of Adrenaline

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I feel perfectly in place,
gliding feels like flying over this surface,
with not a trace of anything underneath.

Nothing could go wrong,
The adrenaline’s so strong;
I can feel it like humidity in the air.

This rush is pumping through my veins,
I ignore every bit of pain;
I’m numb to reality, but alert in another zone.

As I’m speeding out of control,
reeling on a roll;
there’s not a thought in my head but this.

Not a worry or a care,
I love every second of this crazy dare;
I don’t even attempt to get a grasp.

I let my body take over,
my mind wanders and hovers;
for now, it doesn’t even play a part.

I go harder and faster and push my limit
this exhilarating feeling is an incredible fit;
because I feel perfectly in place.

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