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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

You twist me,
You twist my words,
You twist my love,
You twist my feelings,
Twister is what they call you,
Twisted is all I see you as Now,
You've twist me to the point were I'm untwist able,
I see you smile,
They take me away,
I scream cause of you,
Your words,
Your voice,
Never STOP twisting inside of my Mind,
For I can no longer hear my own Voice,
Nor can I THINK my OWN THOUGHTS because i have been with you for far to long,
You twist me,
You twist my words,
You twist me inside and out,
If i do not have you....,
Then i don't know how to live,
For your My Twisted Love,
You my twisted one is the one,
Who can make me,me,
Twisted one I believe that I need you,
I look at you as they come for me to take me away,
I beg and plead,
You look and smile,
You ask me why?,
Why should I love you anymore?,
You say i twisted you,
I tell you that you did and if you love me you'd keep me,
for if you love me you'd want me to stay alive,
Cause I will die without you!,
Then you tell them to leave,
they leave and you wrap your arms are around me and say i love you my Normal angel,
I could never have let them take you away,
For I would have died without you as well,
You my angel,
You make me smile,
You my angel make my love grow wild,
You my angel you make me twisted,
Cause you my angel are normal and can make my heart forget how to beat,
You my angel make me your twisted devil,
then thats what we will be to each other,
normal angel and devil of twists,
forever in Perfection.

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