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In My Eyes

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

I'm going to take you on a journey
Deep wihin my mind
Get to know me better
This may ake some time
Pull you a chair
Kindly relax your feet
Let my words be the music
My voice is the beat
Listen to me well
To understand this story
When I look at the world
Sometime it can be bleak
Sometime it can be shady
Sometime it can be weak
The enviroment is dying
Adults are in despair
Children are confused
Teens have troubled hair
What to do in this world
What remains good
I try to comprehend
All I can do is stare at the power in my hand
I have a pen for writing
A mind that runs free
A soul of understanding
A heart of mystery
I may not be a super hero
I may not have a degree
But I can write words of truth to a just degree
You may approve or you my disagree
This is life from my eyes
This is my decree
Sometime I can be distant
Sometime I'm in your face
But right now, right now
I just want to be in place of
All the corruption and lies
Thats have solemly been a disgrace

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