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All For Her

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

All for Her

Seven flowers I painted,
One for every memory I hold dear.

Three yellows I painted.

One, Surrounded by pink
Representing how she loved me,
As I’d never imagined,
Not only as a lover,
But as a friend.
One, who I thought would never leave.

Another, drooping on stem
Yet as radiant as if standing straight,
For her willingness,
Her beliefs
And for lifting me higher than I’ve ever been
Her beautiful, flawless face,
Forever smiling down on me
Has inspired me to leave the
Past to the past
And embrace what is to come

The last yellow
Is for her passion.
The befriendment of me,
How she,
A stranger,
Grasped my hand
Pulling me free.
How she gave me a light,
A single shining ray of hope.
One that, previous to her love,
I deemed lost.

Two pinks I painted.

One, for all the time she held me
For the memories made,
The endless nights of terror ceased.

And a second,
For the love
The indescribable, floating feeling that immersed me in her wake,
The feeling of impossible achieved.
Oh, how I loved that lady,
And how I pray she loved me.

One white I painted.

As an ode to her beauty,
To her breathtaking fancy.
Honey hair, framing her angelic face,
Cool eyes that calm and embrace
A touch like that of silk,
Soft and caressing

And the last,
A fallen I painted.

Laying on the floor,
A mixture of all,
White, beauty
Pink, love
Yellow, friendship
Showing how she is no longer mine,
But how she has forever influenced me.

As an afterthought,
A forgotten piece.
A small, yellow bud I painted.

Tiny and hopeful, it opens
Growing from amidst the memories.
How I follow her example,
And lend my love
To those in need.

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