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Spring's Arrival

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Shades of blue consume the sky,
Misshapen figures move gracefully overhead,
An invisible breath flows through the air,
Heavy clouds release tears of earthly needs
Bringing a peculiar smell of dewy drops
Followed by a vibrant colored arch way
Spanning through the sky;
Several brightly blooming buds
Sprout through the moist soil,
Rays of heat glisten through the clouds;
The trees once leafless and twiggy
Embrace flexible emerald shapes
While children scale the branches
Hand over hand
Tempting fate with every grasp;
Fresh slivers of soft grass
Attract butterflies like
Candy stores attract kids;
Perched on shyly flowering
Dreary branches
Bold robins strike killing
Blows into winter’s fading heat;
The earth has revolved yet another time
And at last spring is here.

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