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Please, Go!

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Oh Ulysses, I've missed you so
But now I must ask that you go.
You've been away for twenty-some years
So we've gotten through all of our tears.
Now I see you sit in that throne-
After all these years you're finally home!
Yet you're dying, withering, soon to rot.
Body here, but mind surely not.
I know you loved that life you left-
Adventure, survival, even theft.
I will not see you die of old age,
The thought alone fills me with rage.
What a disgrace to your glorious honor!
I'd rather know that you were a goner
In some gruesome battle against ten thousand fiends:
A match that only you would convene.
Get back out there, my love
Have all the glory you could dream of.
Just promise me this:
You'll give me the last kiss.

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