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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Eight planets surround the sun, only one does the sun embrace,
ten thousand times over, that chosen rock trekked an invisible ellipse,
time allowed alterations of the faces, but the smile of life continued,
For eras the winds of earth felt the thudding of wings against the sky,
the splashes of fins upon cresting waves bombarded shores with echoes,
and came the presence of bipedal feet upon the ground,
and along came things unknown.
For centuries, the earth was unkind to the species,
torturing it with disease and famine,
holding it in quarantine, but not forever,
for the lights in the eyes of these creatures were determined.
Nature was torn and molded into the image humans desired,
the land covered in concrete and steel structures,
the air full of smog and chemicals,
water turned green and brown by contamination,
and man had won!
Bringing victory, man was untidy and destructive,
and for that reason, the war is not over.
As quickly as control was seized by humankind,
earth has begun to repel it with man’s own greed.
Global warming will shift power from the hands of those so apt to wield it
and place it unto nations unable to control it.
Viruses will resurface and thrive on the souls of the starving,
and the masses will take up arms against those who possess anything at all,
bomb, shoot, stab, pillage, burn,
until disease has reached all corners of earth.
In these ways the parasite will destroy itself,
until there are but few; defeated and distraught,
with no determined light in their eyes,
and balance will be restored.

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