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"The Unassigned Rhyme"

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

"The Unassigned Rhyme" I wrote a poem for English today. It had to be about me I didn't know what to say. It was supposed to be easy, But I wouldn't settle for less than profound. So I looked outside the window, Watching rain drops hit the ground. Langston Hughes wrote about his life It seems dull for me to do the same. I, who have barely lived, And "Inexperience" is my middle name. I don't know where I'm going Who wants to read about indecision? But if you're reading this, Perhaps you're sharing my confusion. But I'm not all insecurity, you know, I like to laugh and watch the sun rise. Picking a college scares the heck out of me! Is it the same through your eyes? I could walk a thousand paths, Every door opens at my touch. My parents are nothing but supportive Some days it's just too much. "Poor baby," you must think She's got her future guaranteed. But somtimes most of all, It's simplicity I need.

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