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I Was Hurt By My Friend

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

I Was Hurt By My Friend I have a friend from church Her name is Raye Lynn. I told her about my secret Of a boy I loved. She told him I liked him While I was still there! I hated her for a while But now I'm over it. No one knows this So keep it between us! Even though I shouldn't be I'm still in love! I don't want to tell her Because he'll find out. But I will tell you That his name is different So don't make fun. His name is Rowdy Revey I'm not telling a joke. I wish I knew if he had a girl. Because if he didn't I might tell Raye Lynn to tell him again About my secret love! I was hurt by my friend But I got over and sort of moved on. I hope you like this poem. It took me awhile to write. And If you know that I don't care. If you tell him I like him I might even thank you For doing the job I've been regretting. Oh and thank you for listening To my awful story. Have a good day and have some fun. Oh if you have a love For someone real far Then I would advise to not do what I did Because it wasn't well!

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